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We even offer some free on-line courses to make sure you have all the information and training you need, see inside.

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We hope to provide through this information Hub an understanding on what digital or Cryptocurrency is and how you get them, grow them, store them securely and trade or invest with them, and finally how to spend them.
We will cover many different Cryptos but mainly focus on the top 5-10.
That’s Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Ripple (XRP), Dogecoin, and a few less well known.

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You can get started for free just sign up with your email and you can start downloading for FREE from several options. We even offer some free on-line courses to make sure you have all the information and training you need, see inside. There is No Fee to join our site or to come and browse. We have affiliate links to some products offered by third parties and courses you can buy if you wish, at huge discounts naturally!

You acknowledge by your use of our site, that you understand all and any information is relayed as a service without our specific approval understanding or endorsement. We do not attempt to give advice on investments banking or finance, life choices or anything else. You make all decisions on the information we make available, you should of course take advice on any investment from your accountant or qualified financial advisor who can take your specific income and tax situations into account. If you make a mistake it's on you.


That’s me at my desk doing what I do almost everyday, putting this site and information together for you.

We are based in Australia with very strict rules & protocols so we do not sell, store or trade Cryptocurrency or precious metals etc, and we do not provide investment advice in any way.  
We are simply an information Hub and to some degree a helpful teacher of what are emerging as new digital possibilities to gather Bitcoins and Altcoins.

We give our opinion of platforms we have tried and tested, and state that our experiences, good or bad, are just that, Our experiences. You may have a completely different point of view and that’s ok. My opinion of Bitcoin was that everyone should buy some starting back in 2017 when it was around 8k. Now at around 47k that recomendation would seem to have been gold, but in the preceeding 4 years it has gone down to 4k and up to 53k.

My belief that it is a store of value (digital Gold) means that my position is for the long run. Buy every week or two and keep for 5-10 years. We can help you to make money from it in the meantime so you 10x or 20x your holdings.

We also do one-on-one consultations for those members that need some extra help or a more personal touch to get started, via phone or zoom

Colin Lake

Founder & CEO. Cryptos-Made-Easy.com